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Common HP Problems That You Can Clear Easily

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While you are so busy under your office works and printing jobs, it is a very common thing to have an error on your printer which will provoke you to continue the further process. From the user point of view, it is somewhat complex to find out the exact reason behind the trouble. To give you the guidance and easy measures only, we have collected some steps to handle out common HP problems that you can clear easily. Refer below to learn the highlighted steps to tackle the errors.

Driver not found error

Besides the common printer hardware errors, this software driver issue is also faced by many users. The printer driver is a very important factor, which is actually decoding the information from the computer to the printer.

Print gets stuck

Sometimes, without any prior warning, your printer may get stuck amid the printing works. You can easily handle out this by using the command prompt option.

  1. Move the mouse pointer to the start button and right click the start button
  2. Enter the search option and search for the ‘command prompt
  3. In the command prompt window, type Net stop spooler and enter
  4. Enter file explorer from the start options and tap the address bar
  5. Right-click the selected files and then click the delete option
  6. Come back to the command prompt and restart the spooler

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