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How Do I Download Drivers for HP Printer

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How do I Download Drivers for HP Printer

For the proper functioning of the device, make sure that the drivers and software are up to date. Downloading the driver and software are relaxed processes without much hassle coupled with them. To be precise, it takes only a few steps to install a software and a driver for your printing device.

Where can I find the relevant driver

  1. Use a search engine on a preferred web browser (Chrome or Firefox) to find the HP tech support website
  2. In the search box, search for the printer model
  3. On the support page relevant to your printer, you will see a list of options
  4. Select the SOFTWARE AND DRIVERS option from this list
  5. This action opens a new tab on your browser window
  6. Select the basic drivers and other drivers based on your computer’s operating system version
  7. Click on the DOWNLOAD  button next to each of the selected drivers
  8. Once the HP printer driver download is complete, run the EXE file to install the driver software
  9. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup process

For your more reference Visit us on HP tech support or else watch the video Given below

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