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Do you possess a Wireless printer for your home? Then, you might face some printer problems due to the connectivity issues or some other issues. To fix those issues, you need not go to any service center which might be far away from your place. Instead, you can just follow our guidelines

Steps to Solve Wireless Printer Problems

  1. If you think that the issue is because of the low Wi-Fi signal, then you can try connecting your printer with a cable. This might fix the connectivity issue once you move the printer near to your router
  2. To have an uninterrupted connection, always ensure that there are no obstacles in between your printer and the router. This is because sometimes your refrigerator, fish tank, house pipes may even be the barriers.
  3. Sometimes, the printer queue might be the problem. Examine the printer queue often until the printing finishes. If there is an error in a print job, you have to cancel it. Sometimes, the delay in the printer queue might be because of a large document which you want to download. Also, if you are using your mobile phone for printing, then it will take some more time than your computer takes
  4. Always restarting the device is one of the best solutions for almost all devices to get back to its same default settings. You have to just reboot your printer. For that, just remove the plugs from the printer and plug it again after a few seconds
  5. Do not stick with obsolete software which you used for years. You should update the HP Printer driver or software you use for your printer in a regular time interval. Also, that updated software should be compatible with your operating system
  6. If you have any Wi-Fi range extenders, then it is a chance that you would get confused because of the two networks your extender creates. In those cases, just move your printer near to the primary network and you can easily connect to that network
  7. If you have tried with all the above solutions, and still facing the same problem, then the solution is to reset your printer. Yes! Resetting your printer will change all the settings you made and you can set all the preference from the first
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