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Troubleshoot HP Printer Offline Issue

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While using your HP Printer, it may pop up usually like yourHP Printer is Offline. Now, this issue might be on the account of incompatible driver setup or due to any network connection problems. On some occasions, it might also happen due to the effect of any antivirus or firewall issues.

Are you left bewildered? Just read this following steps to troubleshoot HP Printer Offline Issue

Troubleshoot HP printer offline issue

HP Print and Scan Doctor

  •  The manufacturer Hewlett-Packard arrives with a timely solution in the form of HP Print and Scan Doctor tool
  • Most importantly get this tool from the HP website and install it on your personal computer
  • Now open this software tool and pick Start before departing to the printer section
  • Without any delay just retry if the tool can’t detect your printer
  • Under those circumstances, execute the test analysis
  • Now the test results might say the exact story of HP Printer Offline issue via the depiction of icons
Try resetting your printer
  • This might be the first and foremost step that many would suggest to Troubleshoot HP Printer Offline Issue
  • Without any delay just turn off your printer and turn it back just after 10 seconds
  • Consequently, plug out the power cord from the printer and connect it back after waiting for 10-15 seconds
  • Just ensure that the alignment of cartridges are fine
  • Especially after turning On the printer, it’s advisable to just allow it to settle for a few minutes
  • Most importantly you will need to perform a Test print to ensure that everything is okay
Other Valuable Steps
  • Still, your printer doesn’t have answers for previous steps to troubleshoot HP Printer Offline Issue, then have an idea of trying this.
  • Regular updating of your Printer software might help big time to resolve this issue
  • Try to execute the process of re-installing the printer software
  • most importantly download the software from the official manufacturer’s website

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